The Abstracted Landscape | Mark Gawne Bienarté

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The Abstracted Landscape | Mark Gawne

The Abstracted Landscape | Mark Gawne

About this workshop

Let go of your ‘blank canvas’ fears and free up your mind!

This workshop guides you through the processes essential in creating an abstract landscape piece of art. 

Mark draws from his experience in the Australian Outback. Camping beside rivers of North Queensland Mark would sketch with pencil and paint with acrylics to fine tune his colour palette and gain knowledge of the outback; escarpments, billabongs, rivers, creeks, rocky outcrops and the abundant wildlife.

What will I learn?

In this workshop, you will learn how to begin your painting through several methods; drawing with pencil/charcoal, mixing colours, shaping, scratching, rubbing etc. 

You will also put down the first coat of Acrylic colour: teaching you how to apply the paint and the processes of marking or taking away paint; how to look for accidental areas of colour and textures to leave in the artwork; how to problem-solve and visualise where the artwork is headed.

Next you will apply a final coat of oil colours. Mark will show you his methods of applying the paints and guide you through the essential methods of an oil painting.

You continue to bring your artwork together with suggestions from Mark, who will watch you closely and let you know when he thinks your artwork is finished (so you don’t over-work your masterpiece).

Who is this course suitable for?

This course would suit all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

What do I need to bring?

Stretched canvas:
No bigger than 80 x 80cm and no smaller than 40 x 40cm (between 32” and 16” square) 

Please bring a selection of any acrylic paint and oil colour brands you already have. However, the better the quality of paints you have the better the resulting painting is likely to be. 
Acrylic colours should include: White, Payne’s Grey, 3 primary colours, a variation on red, yellow and blue is acceptable as they will only be used as an undercoat 
Oil colours should include: Titanium White, Payne’s Grey, Raw Sienna, Australian Red/ Gold, Yellow Ochre, Australian Yellow/ Green, Permanent Mauve, Phthalo Blue 

Please bring a selection of large and small brushes 

A3 sketch pad
Willow Charcoal 
An acrylic paint retarder, or slow drying medium 
Palette knife or paint scraper 
Paper towels or rags 
Refined Linseed Oil (small bottle) 
Odourless turps in a sealed container 
Old bath towel 
Impasto Medium 
Palette (preferably white, or disposable) 
Old credit card/ bank card 
Fine mist water bottle 
Water containers for washing brushes

What is provided?

  • Easels, tables and chairs.
  • Tea and coffee (please bring your own cup)
  • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Connection to the Bienarté art community

About the Tutor

Mark Gawne is an artist who is fluent over a number of genres. He began his career in the 80’s as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator providing commercial realism pieces for the private sector, government sectors and 2D drawing/rendering for the real estate sector. 

Mark moved to Fine Art painting in the late 90’s producing hundreds of abstract landscapes that sold in selected galleries across the Eastern States of Australia and bought around the world. 

After attaining his degree in Fine Art (1989) Mark completed his Masters degree (2004-QUT) studying German and American Abstract Expressionism (1919-1950s).

Mark has been selected as a finalist for a number of awards, including the Tattersalls Art prize, the Cairns Regional Art Prize (People’s Choice winner) and was the inaugural winner of the Edward Koch foundation prize to name a few. Mark has also been featured in art industry magazines, décor and real estate magazines and TV shows.

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