Painting A Flower Still Life in Oils | Bronwyn Searle Bienarté

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Painting A Flower Still Life in Oils | Bronwyn Searle

Painting A Flower Still Life in Oils | Bronwyn Searle

About this workshop

In this workshop Bronwyn will show how to set up a still life of a single rose using lights to change the mood, taking note of shadows and teach how to best capture the light.

What will I Learn?

Participants will be shown how to capture the delicate nature of flower petals and be given a reference image of a single rose in a bottle. Bronwyn will also show how to grid up the image onto the canvas and how to mix and prepare colour. If you have a grid on a clear cell given to you from a previous still life workshop, then please bring that along, otherwise you will be supplied with one on the first day.

There will be plenty of painting time!

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Beginner to intermediate. If you have been to other workshops with Bronwyn Searle, you have the opportunity to refine your new skills with a different subject. A rose is a wonderful subject to help understand the anatomy of a flower.

What do I need to bring?

12”x 16” (31 x 41cms) primed cotton duck prepared canvas x 1

• Cheap flat 5cms for painting base canvas acrylic colour 
• For oil painting, 2 Fine point synthetic round Sable eg Jasart Fine No.1 – these are quite cheap 
• Neef 95 round stiff synthetic No.1 
• Neef 95 flat stiff synthetic Nos. 2, 4 & 6 
• Hog hair fan brushes – No.4 (any brand) 

Oil Colours: 
• Titanium White • Spectrum Red • Spectrum Yellow • Ultramarine Blue • Indian Red • Sap Green • Ultramarine Violet • Phthalo Blue 

Acrylic Paints for a quick-drying base: 
• Spectrum Red • Spectrum Yellow (both can be any brand)

• Pale coloured chalk or soft pastel for transferring the image to the prepared canvas 
• White soft pastel for marking the grid on the prepared canvas 
• Cheap 40cm ruler for marking out grid 
• Palette knives – Two Size 8 pallet knives or similar 
• Palette suitable for acrylic painting 
• Palette suitable for oil painting 
• Odourless Solvent and a sealable metal container or a small jar with lid 
• Small amount of Stand Linseed oil 
• Camera – each student to bring their own smart phone or a small camera 
• Paper towels

Kits are available for purchase on the first day of the workshop for $80. To pre-order your kit, please select “Bronwyn Searle Paint Pack” at checkout and you can download a list of other required materials.
You can purchase the paint pack for $80 by clicking here.

Please bring an apron, covered shoes, water bottle, lunch and mug for tea or coffee. 
Bring your lunch and snacks or you can purchase from cafes close by.

What is provided?

  • Tea and Coffee (please bring your own cup)
  • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Connection to the Bienarté art community

Useful Information

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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