Expressive Abstraction in Acrylics | Peter Griffen Bienarté

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Expressive Abstraction in Acrylics | Peter Griffen

Expressive Abstraction in Acrylics | Peter Griffen

About the workshop

Starting with ‘abstract loosening up’ exercises with energy and colour, participants in the workshop will then begin to work in their own individual ways following on from these beginnings.

Peter will demonstrate hands-on abstract and semi-abstract technique and students may choose to work totally abstract, or decide to include some representation in their imagery, incorporating the free use of paint and a wide range of techniques and materials - all with an emphasis on line and colour.

Collaging will also be used and students will be encouraged to invent and experiment with new approaches.

Demonstrations and appropriate suggestions will be made when needed. Reference material on contemporary art will be available.

The use of intuition and free-thinking will be particularly encouraged as well as the development of exciting colour.

With this painterly mark-making and free-thinking, established responses will be made to create your own abstract or semi-abstract pieces.  You will be encouraged to work on multiple pieces at the same time, so plenty of paper, or canvases, could be required

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Suitable for all levels.

What do I need to bring?

Acrylic White - 250ml to 500ml - Peter will use this more than the other paints.
Yellow - warm & cool
Red - warm & cool
Blue - warm & cool
Optional - Phthalo Green, Orange & Dioxazine Purple

At least 20 sheets of cartridge or mixed media paper, at least 200gsm, approx. 60x40cm (Other painting surfaces, artist paper, canvasses are also welcomed, bring a few, but not too small!) 

Your choice, but around 60x40cm is good.  You're welcome to bring something larger, bearing in mind that you may not finish a large painting.

A range of very fine to broad (approx. 6cms) brushes 

Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish 250ml to 500ml 
Modelling compound 250ml
Small plastic containers 
Rags and/or paper towels 
Scissors and/or Stanley knife 
Spray Bottle
4-8 Large bulldog clips
Masking tape

Bring anything else you may want to use, such as: Found objects, old magazines (for collage), other acrylic paints, crayons, pastels pens and inks, pencils, other painting surfaces, charcoal, inks, support board and tape, small paint rollers

Please bring your lunch and snacks or you can purchase from cafes close by.

What is provided?

  • Tea and coffee (please bring your own cup)
  • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Connection to the Bienarté art community

About the Tutor

Peter Griffen has been painting for forty-five years, during which time he has travelled extensively and has had numerous exhibitions in Australia and overseas. He enjoys painting outdoors but the bulk of his time is spent in the studio creating abstract images derived mainly from the landscape. Typical of his work is its playful, dynamic quality and strong use of colour.

Peter has had solo exhibitions in London, Paris, St Tropez, Lyon, New York and New Zealand. He has had about sixty solo exhibitions throughout Australia and been in numerous group shows and is represented in many private and public collections.

He has been selected as a finalist in several prizes including the Blake, Sulman, Dobell and Fleurieu prizes.

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