Online with Marcel Bienarté

Online with Marcel

Learning Pathways Online - Painting in Oil Colours with Marcel Desbiens

"Anyone can paint if they are given the right instructions.” - Marcel Desbiens, Master Artist and Principal Tutor

Marcel has adapted his highly successful Foundations in Oils to give students structure as they develop from novice to advanced artist, in an online environment.

If you have never picked up a paintbrush before, and would like to learn from home, the Online | Foundations in Oils course will give you the technical skills and knowledge to help fast track your painting process and produce stunning works of art of your own. All in a friendly and supportive online environment.

A materials kit can be purchased and posted to you or picked up from our Brisbane Art Studios. If you are already a practising artist looking to consolidate your skills, you are welcome to use your own materials - there is a list of requirements on the course site.

You will learn how to: • set up your workstation to minimise mess and maximise your painting time • understand basic principles of colour mixing and paint consistency • control tone to create the optical illusion of reality • choose the right brushes and develop effective brush techniques • clean and care for your brushes • paint using the traditional glazing techniques of the old masters

And, you will be able to apply the techniques you learn in this course to any contemporary practice.

In each class, Marcel will give a step-by-step demonstration and then it’s your turn for hands-on painting exercises.

Each exercise builds on the previous one so with each lesson your skills and confidence will grow.

All classes are pre-recorded so you can learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Go to the Course now and watch the FREE videos before you commit.

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