Small Bird Study in Watercolour | Heidi Willis Bienarté

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Small Bird Study in Watercolour | Heidi Willis

Small Bird Study in Watercolour | Heidi Willis

Australian born, Heidi Willis is an entirely self-taught Natural History watercolour artist, specialising in botanical illustration and bird painting. Her work intricately illustrates our native and exotic plants, flowers, fruits and seed capsules, whilst her powerful & distinctive portraits of our spectacular bird life offers viewers an insight into the world as she experiences it.

Through extensive demonstrations, step by step tuition and guided hands on learning, this workshop will explore the wonderful challenge of painting a popular natural history illustration subject, an in-depth bird study!

About this workshop

This is a multi day painting workshop in a friendly learning environment, exploring this wonderful medium, craft and creative skill. 

It's for those who have a love of nature, watercolour, painting in general, with an eye for detail. 

If not… come along and learn about the beauty of this too! Don’t be overwhelmed if you're new as Heidi works with people of all levels so just come along, and let her help you through the process and get you on track for your own creative journey.

What will I learn?

Using transparent watercolours, you will explore all elements of illustrating a bird subject to produce an intricate bird illustration throughout the workshop. This topic allows you to explore a wide range of critical watercolour painting techniques, dealing with texture, colour, creating low and high sheens in a subject, dealing with feather effects and developing fine details essential for bird illustration.

As always, Heidi's workshops focus strongly on improving your overall watercolour techniques, with a goal of equipping you with sound knowledge, direction, confidence and strategy to tackle any subject independently following her course.

Touching on watercolour techniques of washes, the more complex process of glazing (or layers of wash), and the intricate art of dry brushing, you will learn how to manage each of these techniques to create sound foundations to managing this medium well. Through this you will build a healthier understanding and love of watercolour and of this beautiful painting genre.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for artists with any level of experience so come along and enjoy learning more about this wonderful art form and medium.

What do I need to bring?

You can supply your own paints or you can rent a paint pack from Heidi (prices below). Please pre order your kit in advance by emailing us at

Heidi uses Artist quality Winsor & Newton tubes. This is her full list: 

Winsor Violet                                    Perylene Maroon                         Permanent Rose 
Permanent Magenta                        Winsor Red                                  Indigo                      
French Ultramarine Blue                  Raw Sienna                                 Burnt Sienna                               
Olive Green                                       Permanent Sap Green                Cobalt Blue                                  
Cerulean Blue (Red shade - the lightest one possible)                      Cobalt Turquoise (Light) 
Green Gold                                       Winsor Lemon                              Windsor Yellow Deep 
Scarlet Lake                                     Neutral Tint

Not sure about paint? You can share Heidi's for the workshop for $35 for either the 2-day or 3-day workshops or $50 if you are doing all 5 days (both workshops)

Other Items:
• Pencil - 2B (PROGRESSO graphite stick, if possible)
• Mechanical pencil 0.5mm HB 
• White plastic eraser 
• Scotch 'magic' tape 
• Palette (a KLIK Palette) x 2

• Masking Fluid (colourless)
• Ruling pen if you can get one, or have one. If not, I'll have some you can borrow

Paper/ Board/ Brushes:
These supplies can be difficult to get as individuals, time-consuming at best, so Heidi will take care of it for you to make it easy. Heidi will bring a set of brushes (4 in a set) and the stock/paper you will work on in the workshop. These items can be purchased in cash from Heidi on the day. The board is $10/sheet, brush sets approx. $29.  You'll also need $1-$2 for the printed worksheets for the workshop.
Heidi will bring a few ruling pens to share with the group. Masking fluid, one tip, if you are bringing a bottle, pop it into a Ziploc bag to save yourself any potential disasters!

• Bring your lunch and snacks or you can purchase from cafes close by.

What else is provided

• Tea, coffee and biscuits (bring your own cup)
• A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
• Connection to the Bienarte art community

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