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Welcome to Bienarté and our friendly team.

Discover the artist within you. In small, inspirational and carefully structured classes.

Every single person has the ability to create art and under the guidance of a skilled and attentive teacher, your talent can flourish.

Master Artist Marcel Desbiens has years of experience teaching students to find their own artistic voice and to gain and strengthen their technical skills. Hear what past and current students say about us.

Learn from award-winning local, interstate and international guest artists who offer courses and workshops for all skill levels in Oil colours, Acrylic, Watercolour, Drawing and Pastels in various specialty subjects. We also offer private lessons for intensive training in any technical area you need.

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      • Finding Your Flow in Pastel - Seascapes 101 | Tricia Taylor

        About this workshop

        The joy of the coast that we live near! How to let yourself go and find expression in painting the ocean.

        Seascapes are mesmerising. How the water moves or the wave crashes. Pastel is one of the best mediums for creating layers of sand, water and foam.

        What will I learn?

        Day 1

        • How waves rise and turn
        • Get an understanding of how tone and application make a difference
        • How to get a variety of mood in your seascape by using different coloured pastel paper

        Day 2

        • Playing with techniques of underpainting to create headlands and seascapes with rocks

        Who is this course suitable for?

        This course suits all skill levels

        What do I need to bring?

        See the Materials List below


        What is provided?

        Easels, tables, chairs Tea and coffee (please bring your own cup) A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment Connection to the Bienarté art community

      • Acrylics In Portraiture | Robyn Bauer

        The genre of portraiture has never lost its appeal.

        Looking at the face to analyse the structure, interpreting shape and colour to describe the form in a modern way. We will use brush strokes and colour to describe what we see.

        The alchemy of one person’s eye and hand rendering a likeness of another person and somehow capturing an elusive and unnameable quality is something many artists aspire to.

        There are some skills that can be taught and learned on the journey to attaining this.

        We will be working from a live model for this workshop

        What will I learn?

        • Some historical background about the genre of portraiture
        • How light describes volume
        • An analysis of the structure/anatomy of the head and face. (We will have the benefit of a live model to work from, although participants will approach painting in a contemporary way.)
        • Methods of rendering with acrylic paint / the importance of brushstrokes
        • Colour mixing as it relates to the portrait.

        Who is this workshop suitable for?

        This workshop would suit beginners as well as medium-level students

        What do I need to bring?

        Click the link below for the materials list

        View Materials List

        What is provided?

        • tea and coffee (please bring your own cup) • a friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment • connection to the Bienarté art community

      • Drawing the Portrait in Graphite | Isabella Allis

        About this workshop

        Enhance your portrait drawing technique using the highly portable and convenient medium of graphite. A reference photograph will be supplied by Isabella.

        What will I learn?

        Learn about capturing mood, expression and likeness. Study the form and proportion of the head and face using techniques to develop accuracy. You will learn to use a diagonal grid to allow more gestural lines.

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        Who is this course suitable for?

        This course would suit all skill levels.

        What do I need to bring?

        All art materials will be provided.

        What is provided?

        • Easels, tables and chairs.
        • Tea and coffee (please bring your own cup)
        • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
        • Connection to the Bienarté art community
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