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Welcome to Bienarté and our friendly team.

Discover the artist within you. In small, inspirational and carefully structured classes.

Every single person has the ability to create art and under the guidance of a skilled and attentive teacher, your talent can flourish.

Master Artist Marcel Desbiens has years of experience teaching students to find their own artistic voice and to gain and strengthen their technical skills. Hear what past and current students say about us.

Learn from award-winning local, interstate and international guest artists who offer courses and workshops for all skill levels in Oil colours, Acrylic, Watercolour, Drawing and Pastels in various specialty subjects. We also offer private lessons for intensive training in any technical area you need.

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      • Drawing Fundamentals and More | Isabella Allis

        About this workshop

        Rapidly improve your drawing skills through this 8-week structured course. Initially, we will focus on the fundamentals of drawing technique and then progress to explore and observe the true nature of your subject including reflections, shadows and transparency. Learn charcoal and drawing techniques you can add to your artistic repertoire and apply to your personal style. Developing your drawing technique will also improve the quality of your paintings.

        Isabella will discuss the various materials, drawing mediums and types of paper used.

        What will I learn?

        The course will initially focus on the fundamentals of drawing (line, shape, form, space, etc.) and each class will then build on from the last. In particular, we will look at:

        • How line is used to develop eye-brain coordination and heighten observation skills.
        • How shape can be used as a tool to break down complex objects into easy to understand shapes as an underlying structure to your drawing.
        • Understanding the interaction of light on an object will help you to create the effect of three-dimensional form.
        • Understanding perspective and how to create the illusion of space.

        Taking it further, the 2nd half of the course will apply these fundamental drawing skills to more complex projects.

        Who is this course suitable for?

        This course would suit beginners, as well as intermediate artists wanting to solidify their drawing technique.

        What do I need to bring?

        Access to all art materials will be provided.

        What is provided?

        • Easels, tables, chairs
        • Tea and coffee (please bring your own cup)
        • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
        • Connection to the Bienarté art community
      • Introduction to Botanical Art in Watercolour - 4 weeks | Jessie Rose Ford

        Jessie is a highly-skilled Botanical Artist and is only in Brisbane for a limited time in 2021. She is teaching this course in person and exclusively at Bienarté.

        Learn how to create your own botanical artworks over this 4-week course. These classes provide a friendly and encouraging environment to help you build confidence in observational drawing and watercolour painting techniques in the field of botanical art.

        {image name:"JRF3"}

        What will I learn?

        Jessie will guide you through her step-by-step process including:

        • How to draw your subject accurately
        • Transferring your drawing onto watercolour paper
        • Observing light, shade and form
        • Colour theory
        • Matching and mixing the correct colour
        • Watercolour techniques including wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry and dry brush
        • Avoiding muddy watercolour paintings
        • An appreciation for the minutiae of nature!

        {image name:"JRF2" width:"300px" height:"200px"} {image name:"JRF4" width:"200px" height:"200px"}

        Who is this workshop suitable for?

        Suitable for beginners-intermediate

        {image name:"JRF1" width:"200px" height:"200px" caption:"Student painting"}

        What do I need to bring?

        Access to all materials and equipment will be provided at the studio

        About Jessie Rose Ford

        Jessie is travelling to Brisbane specifically to bring you this new course. Her passion for nature and the environment is evident in her work and in the numerous solo and group exhibitions around the country in which her work has featured. Her art residency on Flinders Island in Tasmania also led to Jessie receiving the Highly Commended Prize at the Re Framing Nature exhibition at the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens that year.

        What is provided?

        • Tea and coffee (please bring your own mug)
        • A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
        • Connection to the Bienarté art community
      • Gain Confidence In Oils 2021 | Marcel Desbiens

        Now that you have acquired the basic knowledge for painting in Oils, it is time to apply those techniques in real time on a subject you might want to paint at home.

        The challenge at this stage of your learning is to keep the motivation going and not fall into procrastination.

        The best way is to enrol in a further four consecutive weeks to keep the momentum going as it is fresh in your mind. This is the best way to secure enough confidence before flying out of the nest, at home in your own painting space.


        • To complement your acquired learning from the 8-week Foundation in Oils course

        • To gain confidence and be ready to paint on your own

        What will I learn

        Learn the basic technique for painting still life, seascape and fabric:

        • Painting a subject containing fabric in monochrome
        • Opaque and transparent colours
        • Applying Oil colour layering and glazing

        Starting a new project:

        • Choosing the right support from a variety of options (canvas, board, paper, etc)
        • The process of composition
        • Choosing a subject
        • Planning the development stages from beginning to completion of your painting


        • Painting a subject containing fabric in monochrome from a photo provided
        • Starting your new project from your choice of photo or images
        • Applying colour over the monochrome fabric with glazing
        • Completing your own painting project, learning about varnishing and framing

        Who is this course suitable for

        While priority is given to students who have completed the 8-week Foundations in Oils course, this course is suitable for anyone with a basic practical understanding of Oil colours and their application. There will be a one hour break for lunch.

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